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Our method of home design is created to keep you informed through the entire process.  It's simple, but it's thorough.

1. The first step, of course, is the interview.  We must know what you want out of your home, the room sizes, how you want it to set on your property.  Here, we get to know you and your vision for your new home.  

2. Then we begin the first sketch.  The first scaled drawing will be rendered and, later, the lighting, special additions, and finishing touches.  We give a valid effort to customize to your needs within safe and legal boundaries.  

3. After the first sketch, we create a more detailed working drawing.  This is a formal rendering of your home including elevations, electrical plans, interior details, cross-sections, the foundation, and the floor-plans.  This is the second draft and is designed to be an appropriate drawing for presentation to builders and electricians.

4. Next is another interview.  We will schedule a meeting with you to discuss any changes that may have or that yet need to occur.  Sometimes, property limitations or legal boundaries require a design to be altered.  On a large project, sometimes there are miscommunications, or you may simply change your mind.  This step allows for those corrections, in which we will promptly make and schedule another meeting.  Corrections can be made at no charge for the first three meetings; after, a slight fee will accompany the changes.

Plans for your new home are complete.  Perhaps you know a builder; if not, we can suggest some.  We are sure you will be pleased with our work, because we realize that, in most cases, this is your lifetime investment and no one should be "stuck" living in a home.  Herridge & Associates takes pride in their work, so you can be proud of your home.



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