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Herridge & Associates, Incorporated has been a driving force in home design for thirty years.  Founded by Tom Herridge in 1973, Herridge & Associates has become a trusted name in and around Montgomery county, Texas.  We have been in business so long because of our reputation for honorable and trustworthy business ethics, our excellent library of stock designs, and our ability to custom design homes to our clients' satisfaction.


Our designs have been so successful, that Stephen Herridge, president of Herridge & Associates, found the need to branch out to today's higher technologies and sell nationwide.  We now offer our library of stock plans for sale over the internet.  Now anyone anywhere can enjoy the time-proven quality and convenience of a Herridge home.


Realizing the importance of technology and marketing, Herridge & Associates now offers more than ever before.  The Publication and Marketing Division of can design websites, flyers, brochures, 

business cards, business cards on minidisk, and more.


Herridge & Associates is a name that can be trusted for any of your design needs.  Call now to schedule a meeting or phone conference, or e-mail our sales department.


Herridge & Associates

(936) 756-1849

Fax:  (936) 756-1892

2208-A N Frazier, Conroe, TX  77304




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