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Companies look their best with a Herridge & Associates Publication design.  


First impressions are everything. Media presentation  is the only method of communicating the nature of a business to prospective clients before they are even aware of that company's presence.  For that first introduction, a well-grounded professional appearance shows reliability and a commitment to excellence, imperative criteria for modern shoppers.  


Intelligent consumers will only invest their hard-earned income into a company they can trust.  A polished website, a striking presentation in the form of a CD-Rom business card, and an adept strategy for hardcopy publications are all methods to let potential clients know that a business is well established and worthy of credence.  


Herridge & Associates' Marketing and Publication Division have open-minded designers who are committed to our clients' contentment.  We arrange customized publications suited to our customers' necessities; we aren't finished with our work until satisfaction is achieved.