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"Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success."  

-Christopher Lasch


Herridge & Associates' Publication Design can give the "appearance of success" on the internet.  We can design a business makeover that can make a company appear financially solid, trustworthy, and confident of their trade, giving shoppers and clients no reason to look elsewhere to invest their funds.  


There are three elements that create such an online atmosphere:  basic organization with professional arrangement, detailed product descriptions, and creation and arrangement of graphic art.  Each element contains a great deal of detailed work and talent that not all people possess.  The designers at Herridge & Associates have a combined education and experience to give our clients cutting edge development that is competitive with the best the internet has to offer.


We provide, on request, the following:

  • Web page design and authoring

  • Graphics / Photography

  • Web space

  • E-mail

  • Shopping carts (Agora, PayPal, OsCommerce, E-Online Data)

  • Chat

  • FTP storage

  • Form mail

  • Guestbook

  • Bulletin Board

  • Photo Gallery

  • $50.00 free credit to Overture, online search engine placement

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