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Creation and Arrangement of Graphic Art


"...appearance... is the gauge by which you will be measured; try to manage that you may go beyond yourself in after times, but beware of ever doing less."  

-Jean Jacques Rousseau


Graphic art is the character of a web site.  The desired image of a company is fulfilled by the design and arrangement of graphics assigned to their products.  Depending upon the targeted demographic, the art, for a few examples, may be casual, professional, high-tech, or home-craft.  It is an arrangement with which the client can identify, feeling at ease and possibly a little excited to visit the site.  


Herridge & Associates realizes this need and provides the means to accomplish the goal of attracting consumers.  We employ graphic designers and photographers in order to create the environment our clients need.  Our dual method of photography allows us to use a digital camera to capture and manipulate images for graphic and product detail and a SLR camera for filter effects for scenic and portrait photography.  We use time proven, cutting-edge software for digital graphic design.  With these instruments, we are confident that we can meet the needs of our clients.


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