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"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible."  

-Arthur C. Clarke


Herridge & Associates' Flash design puts businesses on the map of the World Wide Web.  Macromedia Flash provides endless opportunities for internet communication.


High Technology

One must ask oneself, "why do well-established, web award winning enterprises like Sprite, Mini USA, Verizon, Nikon, and Buick incorporate Flash multimedia into their websites?"  When viewing their sites, the answer is clear:  expressiveness in animated graphics and user interactivity.  These companies are driven by marketing, and with modern advertising, "Flash" is not just another clever name.  No other program combines all of the advantages of the web in one package, while keeping with stunning visuals, like Macromedia Flash.



Flexible Graphic Design

Still shots are wonderful and, obviously, currently used all over the web, but a solid marketing campaign occasionally demands more flare.  Animated gifs work fine, but are choppy and add up to make a large file that is not so convenient for download.  JavaScript is small, but is also choppy and, sometimes, it is better just to embed a still graphic.  When Flash arrived, so did a great boost in internet technology.  Flash is everywhere, now, because of its smooth transitions and customizability.  In addition, one could use several animated graphics in one compilation using Flash layers.  



User Interactivity

Flash doesn't stop at graphics, its unique programming allows complete user interactivity.  Forms and buttons are consistent all over the web, and largely in demand for businesses who need specific information from clients, but no programming compares to the combination of forms and graphics in the manner that Flash provides.  Now, there is no need to display simple forms and buttons when they can interact with each other and the graphics on a page.


The designers and Herridge & Associates have taken the time to educate themselves and have a deep understanding with Flash programming.  We can make a company highly competitive with any other web design on the internet, and our flash designed minidisk business cards have proven their effectiveness time and again.  Contact us for a Flash design today.













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